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Courses Offered
  • General Studies is an extremely dynamic component in the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination. It deals with diverse subject matter that is constantly evolving in tune with new developments. Through the constant effort of the ALS Onlive Team, GS Course has been upgraded and enriched in response to the rapidly changing needs. Through its unique, step-wise and scientific approach, ALS Onlive has near perfected the Civil Services requisites for General Studies. Along with General Studies we also have meticuously designed program for CSAT.
  • GS Strategist Online Course with GS kit
    This comprehensive program consists of 25 large and small modules, catering to Preliminary Exam (GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II); Mains Exam (GS Paper I, II, III, IV, ESSAY, Compulsory English) and Personality Test.
    GS Strategist Online Course without GS kit
    This comprehensive program consists of 25 large and small modules, catering to Preliminary Exam (GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II); Mains Exam (GS Paper I, II, III, IV, ESSAY, Compulsory English) and Personality Test. Downloadable study material for every session.
    Polity Module
    This module caters to the need of Indian Polity, Constitution and Governance in Preliminary Paper I and GS Paper II of Main Exam. It also helps in creating an opinion on diverse topics for the Personality test. A through understanding of Indian Polity helps in writing a powerful and scoring essay as well.
    Current Affairs Module
    Current Affairs has become crucial element of one’s preparation for Civil Services Examination. It plays a key role in Preliminary as well as Main examination. Current Affairs Course of ALS Onlive is one of the most sought-after courses and is highly recommended by successful candidates.
    Public Administration Optional Online Course
    Keeping in mind that Public Administration is one of the most sought-after Optional subjects in UPSC Mains exam, this program is designed to comprehensively cover theoretical dimensions of Paper I with the applied aspects of Paper II.
    History Optional Online Course
    History is among one the most popular optional subject for Civil service mains exams. The subject has dual benefits both in UPSC prelims and mains. To make you journey successful and sailing, we provide an excellent support system to aspirants for History Optional.
    GS Strategist Course (HINDI)
    सामान्य अध्ययन स्ट्रैटजिस्ट कार्यक्रम सिविल सेवा परीक्षा की अत्यधिक विविधीकृत और गतिशील प्रकृति को ध्यान में रखकर तैयार किया गया है। इस कार्यक्रम का उद्देश्य छात्रों की उन क्षमताओं का विकास करना है जिससे वे स्वयं को एक सुयोग्य एवं असाधरण सिविल सेवक में रूपांतरित कर सके।
  • GS Kit
    GS Kit is an optional subscription which includes printed copies of notes which are provided on day today basis formatted 25 Booklets with coloured pages. It also includes 10 ALS Note Books uniquely and scientifically designed for Note taking, 5 leading titles from the house of Wizard, 1 year subscription of Competition Wizard Monthly Magazine, 1 Atlas (Study Today), 2 Answer Writing practice booklets, 1 Pendrive with basic textbooks and 1 ALS Bag. The kit will be despatched through courier in 3 tranches during the course period.
In the past eighteen years, ALS is credited to have illuminated the career graph of 4 IAS First rankers, 29 Rankers in top 10, 63 rankers in top 20, 170 in top 50 and altogether 2837 successful candidates.
First rank four times in IAS exam
2837 successful candidates in 18 years
154 selections in 2019 Civil Services results
Delivering 20% selections consistently
Minimum 4 Civil servants in every district of India are our alumni
154 selections in 2019 Civil Services results
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The power of a creative think-tank is the essence of the Civil Services mentoring. Having gone through the rigorous prepration for this exam themselves and having an experience of mentoring for the decades, our core team is well capable of transforming the aspirants into successful Civil Servants. Our teachers have the unique potential to create an intriguing, enthralling and enriching environment in the classes which ensures optimum time utilization to yield amazing results.
Jojo Mathew
22 Years of experience in training IAS Aspirants
Manish K. Gautam
17 Years of experience in training IAS Aspirants
Alok S Jha
15 Years of experience in training IAS Aspirants